The unique, comprehensive solution for the serialisation of pharmaceutical products.


What is SaaS+?

The code or unique identifier is the core element of the verification of the product.
Data aggregation and exchange of the unique identifier. We receive the IDs and send the used IDs back for uploading in the specified data hub.
Tamper Evident
Control unauthorised access to your goods and information, simply and quickly with tamper evident stickers.

Protecting medicinal products against counterfeiting is a key issue in the pharmaceutical industry. Guidelines regarding the serialisation and tracing of products are being tied up more and more with strict legal requirements. Complying with these requirements continues to be a basic prerequisite for selling medicinal products on the market.

As a full pharmaceutical service, SaaS+ gives your company the opportunity to serialise your products according to their manufacturing or packaging in a GMP-certified production environment as required. State-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure enable us to assist you with production peaks, small batches or serialising productions from your contract manufacturers.

Make the most of this unique, comprehensive solution so your products are ready for 2019.

What are the benefits of SaaS+?

Variable costs

Our payment model is flexible and fair. You only pay for what you actually use. This means that short-term changes are not a problem. If you need more, then you pay more, but only as much as your additional business needs and for as long as it’s required.

With us, you are investing in the future without having to deal with complex investment appraisals and long decision-making routes or complicated marginal costing. With SaaS+ you don’t have to enter into any long-term financial commitments. We are flexible so you can be flexible too.

100% scalable

We adapt to suit you. Our service is adjusted to match the time and volume of your production. Whether you want to serialise the packaging for 1,000 or 500,000 items in a month or in a year, SaaS+ always offers top quality for the same general conditions. We will provide you with 100% calculable flexibility without compromising on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). You will receive the perfect addition to your production.

GMP certified

Our clients have very particular requirements when it comes to packaging, repackaging, labelling or handling medication or clinical test samples. We have authorisation for manufacturing according to section 13 of the German Medicines Law (AMG). Our GMP certification, ISO certification (9001 and 13485) and state supervision require us to have an efficient quality management system according to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Adherence to legal, in-house and clients‘ requirements is monitored by our specialist at all times.

How SaaS+ works

GDP Warehousing
The products will be stored in a GDP/GMP certified warehouse (15°-25°C).
The products are serialised and can be integrated into your supply-chain processes.
The codes and information will be transfered via EDI interfaces to your systems.
We will do the serialisation in GMP certified facilites with high-end equipment.
We care about the transportation to our facilites. It does not matter if it comes directly from your warehouse or from your CMO.
Data Aggregation
Data Exchange
GDP Warehousing

Unique know-how in all industries

Behind the unique SaaS+ solution there are three companies who are renowned in their industries for high quality and expertise. The comprehensive service is delivered under regulatory monitoring and certification from MSK Pharmalogistic GmbH.

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Laetus GmbH

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MSK Pharmalogistic GmbH

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tracekey GmbH


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